At ClimAd Technology we make glass smart. Glass in buildings provides us with open architectures and lots of daylight making our buildings a pleasant place to stay. However, glass has a huge impact on the energy-efficiency and comfort of a building. Current glass is not capable of changing the amount of solar heat and daylight entering a building depending on the outdoor weather conditions. With our smart glass films we provide this additional functionality to glass.


We want to upgrade glass to an energy-efficient building material in an affordable way, providing comfort to people working and living in buildings


Our mission is to make building glass future-proof by co-developing self-regulating smart glass products with the glass industry.

Dr. Stijn Kragt
CEO and co-founder

Prof. dr. Guofu Zhou
Chairman and co-founder

Dr. Julia van der Burgt

Max van Dijk Msc.
Advisor Public Affairs and Funding

Dr. Xiaowen Hu
Business and upscaling support 

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