Our thermochromic glass film adapts the entrance of solar heat based on outdoor temperature conditions. It reflects solar heat on warm days (e.g. summer), while allowing it to enter on cold days (e.g. winter). We can do this with a special reflective coating technology that shifts its reflection band to near-IR wavelengths with high solar radiation upon increasing temperatures. While doing so, the film remains its transparency for visible light. This film is the ideal solution for temperate climates, as energy is saved on cooling on warm days, while additional required heating on cold days is prevented. 


As the film controls solar heat reflection autonomously, it is more energy efficient than conventional solar control films  saving up to 22% on a building’s annual energy use in temperate climates.


The film remains visibly transparent regardless of the temperature and allows as much daylight as regular windows would do. The outdoor view is not disrupted. In summer the indoor temperature is reduced, while in winter you will experience the comfort of solar heat entering your building.


The thermochromic film is as easily adhered to any glass surface and functions by itself. There is no electronic wiring required to switch the optical properties of the film, allowing for a cost-effective application.

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